The Beauty of Love

When we think about love, we think about the cheesy, romantic things we see on television or in movies and believe that is what the perfect love story is or entails. The reality of loving someone, however, is anything but. After being in my current relationship for three years, I think that I am now entirely grasping the concept of love. Let’s revisit the title of my blog for a second, “Love Beyond Words”. Initially, going into my relationship, my love didn’t extend beyond the things I said. I knew I loved him and wanted to be with him, but sometimes my actions contradicted that. Whenever he’d upset me, my defense mechanism went into play. I’d subconsciously tie his actions to those of my past relationships instead of giving him a chance to be him. 


The epiphany that I was just loving him on the surface occurred the moment I fell in love; when he would get on my nerves like no one else could and instead of wanting to throw him away, I would rather have him aggravate me than be with anyone else.  I was finally experiencing true love and it was beautiful.


When you’re experiencing love, a pure and selfless love, it makes you feel safe. That person could get on your LAST nerves and vice versa and you still just enjoy their presence. You love them even when you hate everything about them in the moment. You love them for who they are and not who they could potentially become. I’d like to describe this type of love as purely unconditional. It is loving someone past their flaws and appreciating them for exactly who they are. If you find this idea difficult to grasp, just think about the love you receive from a parent. Sometimes, as children, we could be the biggest disappointments (let’s just call it growing pains lol), yet, our parents love us the same way. Our mistakes do not change their view of us…that is, if you are blessed enough to have decent, loving parents because the reality is not everyone is fortunate enough to experience unconditional love at home. Anyway, back to the matter at hand, it is natural to be disappointed when a loved one hurts you, but love in its purest form would not change or affect the way you view or even feel about that person. That is the beauty of love.

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