Make Peace With It

A few days ago, I was sitting in my room when a random thought about relationships came to me. I thought it would be clever to turn it into a meme that I could share with my followers. The meme I created stated “He may not get it right with you. He may get it right with someone else; you just have to make peace with that.” Of course, as with most things relationship wise, this does not only apply to females despite my use of the word “he”. The meme itself was pretty self-explanatory, but I wrote a caption with the final message I wanted to get across which is that our purpose in a person’s life could be to help them evolve and become a better version of themselves in a future relationship. When I created the meme, I had no intentions on making a blog post about it, but it was brought to my attention that the message could be interpreted as putting blame on the person an individual did not get it right with.

Now, I know that a message could be understood differently based off one’s level of perception, but I want MY intention to be clear. The message was solely meant to convey to people that it is OK to let go of a relationship if it is not working. So often, I hear of people who fear letting go of a failing relationship because they do not want to see the person they are currently dating with someone else. The fear of a person treating someone better than they treated you should not be the reason to stay in a relationship. I understand the thought process since I have thought like this a time or two, but at the end of the day, we hurt ourselves holding onto a relationship that is not working for this reason and blocking the blessings that may come our way.

Instead of settling for a mediocre relationship, find peace in letting that person go. They may or may not get it right with someone else, but in the event that they do, make peace with it. You have to know and feel comfortable that this has no bearing on your worth nor should it make you question yourself. This just means that you have not found the person for you yet.  The way I made peace with a similar situation was by recognizing that this is a learning process for all. Did I fault him for some of the things he did to me and hurt he caused me? Yes, but I found peace in knowing that sometimes it takes leaving a person for good for them to realize what they had or lost. He probably realized that certain things he had done made me reach a breaking point and as a result, whatever future relationship he enters, he knows what not to do if he really values that person and does not want to lose her.

So, just because a person is doing all the things you wanted them to do with someone else does not make them more special.  You helped this person grow by showing them how not to treat someone they see a future with. Even if that was not the case, it could be a learning experience for you. You learned what you would not tolerate in any future relationships. In the end, when you find the person you are meant to be with, you would look back on the relationship you feared letting go of so badly as a lesson. At that point, you would not even care if that person is treating someone else better than they treated you. You would actually be happy for them, wish them all the best, and hope that they are not repeating the same mistakes and hurting someone else.


Editor: Editor: Sweenie Nicole; Instagram: sweenie.nicole; Twitter: @simplysweenie; Blog: Relish N’ Rise

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